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Born and raised in France, I led a rather conventional life until the age of 27, doing what was expected of me and not deviating too much from the mainstream, at least not outwardly. Things started to change in 2005, when my path unexpectedly took me to Finland. There, in the land of a thousand lakes, I found more freedom and new opportunities, for example the possibility to study music therapy.

Although I had always been interested in spirituality and bigger questions such as the nature of reality, the real breakthrough happened in 2019, when I decided to seriously tackle the wounds and traumas that were holding me back. Then, after a major life crisis in 2021, I realised the time had come to leave my old life behind, step into my own power, and start sharing my experience and knowledge with the world. This is when I decided to create Shadow Dance.

olivier brabant

I have now chosen to accompany people on their life journey, by relying on the healing modalities that have helped me the most and that I am the most familiar with. Those include holotropic breathwork, internal family systems (IFS), and the therapeutic use of psychedelics and plant medicines.

While doing my own inner work, I have also learned the importance of processing and integrating each experience through the body. Without grounding and embodiment practices, I tend to stay too much in my head, which makes it more difficult to express and anchor in my daily life any psycho-spiritual change I might have had. This is why my hobbies are mainly about dance and movement (Butoh, contact improvisation, and swing dance).

In terms of my background, I have a strong interest in mythology, symbolism, astrology, and Jungian psychology. I like to weave together these different approaches to better understand what is happening inside of me and around me. My formal education includes a business degree and a PhD in music therapy.

I am currently participating in the Grof Legacy Training, whose focus is on holotropic breathwork and psychedelic therapy.

Contact me

via email: olivier [at] shadowdance.fi
via Telegram: @ShadowDance99

for general inquiries, or for booking an appointment.

I live in Jyväskylä, Finland. I preferably work in person, but preliminary consultations and holistic counselling can also be done remotely.

I work in English, French, and German.