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Lindy hop, the mother of all swing dances, is a couple dance that was born in Harlem in the late 1920s. The dance is very rich and diverse, ranging from wild and crazy, with fast moves and aerial acrobatics, to slow and relaxed, with subtle and sophisticated moves. Lindy hop is all about having fun, communicating with your dance partner, and enjoying the music.

New class for advanced beginners

Class cancelled!

This class is suitable for people who have danced lindy hop for about one year, or who have attended our classes from last year.

Time and place:

Fridays from 17:00-18:30 at Mäkituvan Flamencosali (Pitkäkatu 25, Jyväskylä).

  • Beginning of the classes: February 10, 2023
  • 10 weekly classes, except on week 9 (skiing holiday / hiihtoloma) and week 14 (Easter weekend).

If for some reason a class gets cancelled, we will add it at the end, so that you will get your 10 classes.

In addition, we will arrange two extra catch-up classes, for those who bought the 10-times card and have missed some classes. For the owners of a 10-times card, these two classes will be for free. Other people can join these extra classes too (normal price applies).


15 € per class // 130 € for a 10-times card (accepted payment methods: cash and MobilePay). The payment for the 10-times card can be made in one or two installments.

Practical info:

The classes will be taught mainly in English, with Finnish translations if necessary. Teachers: Olivier Brabant and Petra Rinta-Koski.

You can come alone or with a partner. We will be rotating partners during the class, meaning every leader will get to dance with every follower (unless you prefer to stay with the same partner, which is also OK).

We recommend bringing dance shoes with you. However, it is also possible to dance with socks.

If you have any questions regarding this class, please contact Olivier.

We will organise more dance classes and workshops in the future, also for complete beginners. So if you would like to be informed about upcoming lindy hop events, you can sign up for the newsletter.


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Here is a video clip from one of last year’s classes: