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18.2.23: An introduction to partner dance

You have always wanted to try partner dance, but regular dance classes are not your cup of tea? You are curious about partner dance, but have certain fears or beliefs that have always kept you from trying (e.g. “I’m just a solo dancer”, “I’m not good at following someone else”)? Or maybe you have been traumatised in high-school by vanhojen tanssit? 🙂

Then this workshop is for you!

My aim is to offer you a low threshold, smooth introduction to partner dance, by removing the rigid framework of a regular dance class, and focusing instead on embodiment practices and connection exercises. Without even realising it, you will be learning all the elements and principles of partner dance, which you can then apply to any partner dance of your choosing (NOTE: since I am also a lindy hop dancer, in this workshop, I will use lindy hop as the overall guiding framework).

This three-hour workshop is divided in two parts:

  • In the first part, we will practise connecting to oneself, connecting to others, and following the music. Here, the dance will be spontaneous and freestyle, meaning I won’t teach you any specific dance steps, and everybody will try both the roles of follower and leader.
  • In the second part, I will teach you the basics of lindy hop, the oldest and original form of swing dance. Here, you will get the chance to apply everything you’ve done in the first part, in a more structured way.

Practical info:

This workshop is suitable for everyone, no prior dance experience is required. You can come alone or with a partner (it doesn’t matter). Some exercises will be done alone, and some in pairs. We will be changing partners, so that everyone gets to dance with everyone else. Be prepared to dance barefoot or with socks, as the floor in Maatalo is not suitable for shoes.

Instructor: Olivier Brabant
Instruction language: English

Date: Saturday, 18.2.2023
Time: 9:30 – 12:30
Place: Mahdollisuuksien Talo (Maatalo), Kauppakatu 19 C or D, 40100 Jyväskylä
Price: 30 € (accepted payment methods: cash and MobilePay)


Please register before 15.2., using the button below. There is space for 12 participants. If you register after the workshop is full, I will inform you via email and put you on the waiting list.

For any questions, you can contact me via email or Telegram.