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Individual sessions

The structure and elements of an individual breathwork session are similar to the ones of a group workshop (preparation, breathing, music, somatic and emotional release, mandala drawing, integration). However, there are also a few differences:

  • If you come alone, I will have both the roles of sitter and facilitator. But you can also decide to bring someone along, in which case that person will be your sitter.
  • An individual session is shorter than a group workshop. Group workshops typically last from one to three days, whereas an individual session takes about three hours.
  • For obvious reasons, an individual session doesn’t have the group energy that you would find in a group workshop. This group energy is usually perceived as very supportive and liberating.
  • On the plus side, in an individual session, I can focus entirely on you, and change for example the music in real-time, depending on your on-going processes (this is something I can’t do with groups, because I might be interfering with someone’s journey). So an individual session is more flexible and personalised.
  • An individual session includes a follow-up consultation, where we will check how your integration process is going, and discuss the possible next steps of your journey.

Duration: about three hours
Structure: preparation and tuning in (30 min), breathing to music (2 hours), mandala drawing and closing talk (30 min)
Follow-up consultation: online or in person, during the week following the breathwork session (30 min)
Price: 200 € + rent of the space

I usually rent Studio Haave (Yliopistonkatu 26 F, 40100 Jyväskylä), and the rental costs are 55 € for three hours. In this scenario, the total price would be 255 €.

In you wish, you can also suggest your own space, provided that it is possible to be loud without disturbing any neighbours. I have my own sound system and can bring it with me if needed.

If it’s the first time you are doing this type of breathwork, let’s have a preliminary talk before arranging a session. And please read the contraindications on the main page.